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James Bluford

Mercy Messenger|United States

Help YahShua (Jesus) Reap the end time harvest through singing , preaching, teaching, praying, writting, publishing the gospel of Grace and Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Apr 30, 2009

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God has given me a desire to bring out the fact of faith in all the patriarch Bible stories. In every bible story, there was the fact of faith that brought the victory to the children of GOD. When David met Goliath on the battlefield, it was the factor of faith in God that defeated Goliath. When David acted on that faith, his obedience brought the victory. It was the attitude that GOD and I are a majority. What do you think young adults would be like after having being taught Faith all their lives? WOW! How many Davids could the Church of Jesus Christ have if this Fact of Faith were taught to the whole Church? The confession of our Faith is the engine that makes the Church GO! For May I ask what gets done in the Kingdom of Almighty God without Faith? Nothing, according to Romans 5: 1 & 2. Doubt is the nature of fallen man, but faith is the nature of the redeemed. When we are baptized into Christ Jesus, we receive His Divine Nature. The Fruit of the Spirit is a part of that divine nature, and Faith is one of those fruits. Some bible translations have it as faithfulness, but how can one have Faith-full-ness without first having faith. The Greek word for Faith is Pis' tis. In most all places that word is translated Faith, Strongs # 4102. The word faithful is translated from Strongs # 4103. In our faith we should have detailed exactness and accuracy which is a part of fidelity. This is why we believers should confess or profess the scriptures with exactness and accuracy. Because God's angels are sent forth to minister to those who inherit salvation. (Heb.1: 14) Psalms 103:19-21, Bless the LORD, you His angels, who excel in strength, who do His Word, heeding the Voice of His Word. Angels there could be translated, angel, messenger, prophet, priest, teacher, ambassador; in the NT it would be apostles, prophets, evangelist, pastors, teachers; and it carriers with it the meaning, "to dispatched as a deputy". A deputy is one who has delegated authority from the one in charge. (Jesus) God the Father delegated that Authority to Jesus His Only Son. Then Jesus delegated it to believers when Jesus said all power in heaven and earth is given unto me, therefore you go into the entire world. That brother is what you are doing in Pakistan. You have HIS Authority to trample on serpent spirits of Satan. You have Authority to destroy the works of that false and wicked religion in Pakistan. The Word of God is at your disposal. The Power of GOD is at your disposal. The Angelic Host is at your disposal. You are the Ambassador from Heaven with Authority from ON HIGH. You have been Deputized by God’s dear SON to Act on HIS behalf. You are one of God’s Generals who God has commanded to take that territory back for MY Namesake. When you are DEPUTIZED by Christ, all of the Kingdom of Heaven is at your disposal to secure victory. The Police officer on the street is just one man, but all authority is given him and if necessary the whole state will stand behind him. Amen! You have been DISPATCHED from the Son of GOD to Spread the Greatest LOVE Story ever told! LOVE is Not Sex, as the world claims! LOVE was Crucified on an Old Rugged Cross. Love bore our Sickness, Sins, Poverty, Lack, Disease, Anxieties, transgressions, iniquities, and anything else that was a part of our fallen nature we inherited from Adam and Eve. (IS.53: 4-6) We have been regenerated by the Holy Spirit. We have been taken out of Adam's generation and added into Jesus generation by the Power of God in Redemption. (Titus 3:5) Glory! God the Father has placed everything in, invested everything in the NAME of JESUS. That at the Name of JESUS every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is LORD. (Philippians 2:9-11) This was written to someone in Pakistan, but it would be the same for your country. God Loves us all, Amen!
May His Name be glorified in Pakistan and around the world! Amen!