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James Bluford

Mercy Messenger|United States

Help YahShua (Jesus) Reap the end time harvest through singing , preaching, teaching, praying, writting, publishing the gospel of Grace and Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

My Blog

Apr 30, 2009


God has given me a desire to bring out the fact of faith in all the patriarch Bible stories. In every bible story, there was the fact of faith that brought the victory to the children of GOD. When David met Goliath on the battlefield, it was the factor of |อื่นๆ
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Apr 06, 2009

The Christian Life is a Faith Life

Greetings! This blog was developed from a return email to a new friend in Christ. After writing it, I liked how the Holy Spirit developed the message, so I will share it with you all. God Bless! James, The Mercy Messenger I preach and teach whenever I can |อื่นๆ
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Mar 13, 2009

The Good Fight of Faith

I did not write to you because I have financial thing that I by God's grace am overcoming. Things are very uncertain here in America right now. We may have moved into events that must take place before our Lord Jesus will return. That means His return is |อื่นๆ
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Feb 06, 2009

The Law of Sowing and Reaping!

Yes this is the gospel of Jesus Christ and I wish it were all over the world. Jesus said, "the Spirit of the YahWeh (GOD) is upon me, because He has Anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor." [Words from God full of faith] What is good news to the |อื่นๆ
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Feb 04, 2009

When Did Jesus Taste Death For US? (Heb.2:9)

Did Jesus taste death for mankind during His Baptism into Death? Romans 6:3-6, Luke 12:49-50 NLT: "I have come to bring Fire to the earth, and I wish that my task were already completed! There is a Terrible Baptism ahead of me, and I am under a Heavy |อื่นๆ
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Jan 22, 2009

Examining Colossians 2:6-23 New Testament NKJV

6. As you have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him, 7. Rooted and built up in Him, and Established in the Faith, as you have been Taught, abounding in it with thanksgiving. (Rooted and built up IN Faith, Taught In Faith, |อื่นๆ
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Jan 16, 2009

Faith For Financial Needs!

I want to do my part to help you, but my part for this time is not financial. I have the ability to pray and to exhort and encourage you in the fact that you are the servant of the Most High and He is your Supplier. Each person can only give as he or she |อื่นๆ
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Jan 15, 2009

Seeing Redemption More Clearly

I thank our God and Savior for your hungry hearts for the Word of God. Remember that they that hunger and thirst after righteousness will be filled. I pray that Jesus fill you with the fresh Anointing of the Holy Ghost. I pray that the eyes of your |อื่นๆ
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Jan 08, 2009

Exhortation about Law and Grace

Since I received your email I have been seeking in my mind and heart what I should respond to your words. I believe the Lord has given me the response to give to you. The LORD reminded me about the story of Joseph and how he had been taken down into Egypt |อื่นๆ
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Jan 01, 2009

Exhortation for Teachers

I appreciate your desire to teach and train children. I encourage you as a teacher to look for the aspect of Faith in every Bible story. Children's Bibles are wonderful tool for training children and young people. They love to hear about the Patriarchs, and |อื่นๆ
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