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James Bluford

Mercy Messenger|United States

Help YahShua (Jesus) Reap the end time harvest through singing , preaching, teaching, praying, writting, publishing the gospel of Grace and Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

I know the sicknesses in your body are real and can not be ignored of course. I feel the pain of your heart, and I want to help you anyway I can from so far away. It seems shallow to write words to you when I wish I could come and lay hands on you and drive the sickness and weakness far from your body through the gift of Christ Jesus. I want to share with you something that I think is contributing to your battles with sicknesses that has plagued you for years. So that I don't sound holier than thou, I believe it is the center of my problems down through the years. I want to share with you something Norvel Hayes said at Bible School. The Holy Spirit reminded me about it as I talked with my pastor recently. Pastor Jeremiah was giving me a great exhortation and spoke the word tolerate, or tolerance. From that moment I don't remember what else he said because the Holy Ghost said to me, that is your problem, and HE reminded me what Norvel had said.
Norvel was speaking one night and I heard him say, anything you tolerate you can not get rid of it. If you tolerate demons in your life, you can't get ride of them. The same goes for sickness of various kinds. Also with things like self-condemnation, I have had problems with that. May I recommend meditating (thinking on, or pondering) on the fact that we are reconciled, made righteous and fully purchased by Jesus Blood. We are seated with Him (in Him) beside GOD the Father having been created in Life just as if we never ever sinned at all. Wow, what an image for us to think on intently! Jesus took the law out of the way, nailing it to the cross, for He fulfilled it. (Col. 2:13-15) Where there is no Law, there is No sin or trespass applied to our account. (Rom.5:13, and is only available by and through Faith) We were sealed with the Holy Spirit until the day of redemption, which is when He returns and our bodies are changed in the moment of time. (Eph. 1:13-14) It's very hard to believe and put faith in this fact without meditating on it.  GOD has birth us in righteousness, preserving us in Christ. (just like we never sinned at all) This is the conclusion of this thought. Sickness and disease CAN NOT dwell in righteousness. We know that because there is no sickness in heaven!  Jesus taught the disciples to pray, Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done In Earth as it is in Heaven. His Will in this earth is NOT sickness, because HE bore our sicknesses and deseases.(Is. 53:4-6)  We Christians forget that we have been made righteous! (A gift of Righteousness) The devil get us to look at what we have done, when we must look at what Jesus has done for us and in us. We must see ourselves as Righteous and see ourselves as healthy. We must develop a mind set that says, I will Not Tolerate Sickness in this Body of Christ!
(my body) Say it out loud, I AM the Body of Jesus Christ the Righteous and sickness must Not, shall Not dwell in me.

Again let's speak to the Mountain! Confess the Word of God in prayer with Authority!  
I have been reconciled to GOD and made Righteous in Christ. Therefore, I FORBID (Matt. 16:19 & 18:18 Amp.) sickness or disease to dwell in this body of Christ. Speak to it, Sickness Get Out of this body of Christ and Be Cast into the sea, In Jesus Name and Authority! Say it, like you mean it, the way you would run off an old dog. (Mark 11:24-25) The Sickness in your body, the body of Christ, is your Mountain. Jesus said we could talk to the mountains in our lives. Speak the Word of GOD out loud strongly to the sickness in your body. Meditate on that promise of health until you are fully persuaded that what God has promised in HIS Word, He is also ABLE to Perform IN YOUR Body. (Romans 4:17-25) If Abraham did it, You can do it TOO. Give glory and praise to God as though it were already done in you. (how would you act if you were completely healthy?) Meditate and BE FULLY PERSUADED! BEING FULLY PERSUADED MEANS THAT WHEN YOU START MEDITATING YOU WILL NOT BE FULLY PERSUADED. SO, CONTINUE UNTIL YOU ARE 100%. Speak it over and over to yourself, saying Jesus I believe this!  Fill your cup up (your spirit) with the truth of scripture, and when it over flows (with the revelation of it), it will heal your body. I pray that you will receive this in the loving spirit I have sent it. Mahalo for your attention. Health and Peace be unto you in Jesus name. Amen

Mahalo, With His Love,




Hopeful Nadya

Blessed day to you ! Hope you're doing good Keep the fire burning for Jesus!

Hopeful Nadya

Remain blessed!

Mercy Messenger โพสท์ลงในครอส.วอลแล้วDaughterOftheKing

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God has given me a desire to bring out the fact of faith in all the patriarch Bible stories. In every bible story, there was the fact of faith that brought the victory to the children of GOD. When David met Goliath on the battlefield, it was the factor of | อื่นๆ

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