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James Bluford

Mercy Messenger|United States

Help YahShua (Jesus) Reap the end time harvest through singing , preaching, teaching, praying, writting, publishing the gospel of Grace and Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Just Shall Live By Faith
The Book by Evangelist James Bluford
March 24th 2007 ©

" The Early Years "

There was a time in my life in which I was a very angry little boy. I was the youngest of four children. I learned to be angry because my older siblings enjoyed picking on me. I had to learn to take up for myself at an early age. When starting in elementary school my first grade picture was one that had the biggest frown I could muster because I had just got the paddle of correction. I wasn’t about to smile! While walking to and from school some older classmates would try and beat me up as they had me older brother. I had heard about this while still at home at the age of five years old. Even at that young age I decided that I would have to fight for my life if that ever happen to me. I didn’t want to be a bad person, but I didn’t want to turn out like my brother did by getting abused from time to time. I remember being ready to throw the first punch if I felt like a fight was inevitable. When they all saw I wasn’t going to put up with their abuse and that I wasn’t a coward they left me alone. In a year or so we all became friends and they taught me to cuss. My mother caught us once and I was educated about the rod of correction. My wonderful loving mother didn’t withhold the rod of correction when it was appropriate. To this day I am grateful to mother for her principals she in forced. A short time after that I was in Mountain Zion Baptist Church and the pastor was preaching hell fire and brimstone. I could see in my mind the flames of hell flashing before up my eyes. I could feel the Holy Spirit drawing me to go forward to receive Jesus Christ the Son of Yahweh God. I am eternally grateful to God the Father for seeing to it that I heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. Shortly after my conversion God led me to give Him my angry disposition. I thank God that He took it away from me. I am convinced that my conversion saved me not only from hell fire, but from reform school also. My mother divorced my dad to keep her children from being raised in a home controlled by alcohol. My father was one who lost his common since and was capable rage while being drunk. There were times his abuse on mother and children was brutal. This coupled with being poor and living in the county made thing very difficult to say the least. There were times we would have to carry five-gallon buckets of water for miles just to have water to drink and cook with. There were many times each winter we would have to saw and carry wood out of the forest next to us just to keep warm. It was tuff for me to carry wood being from five to ten years old. I didn’t know that things like that was building character in me that would last a lifetime. We all had our assigned chores to do each day while mom was forced to work to for our very survival. My mother was too proud of a person to live off of welfare from the government. I am so glad she didn’t just sit down and let the government keep her and four children up. My siblings and I would have learned to be lazy and let the government keep us up like so many families do today. We all had to do the work that mother would assign us. Those chores taught me to have a work attitude and I thank God for that. I can’t tell you how much respect I still have for my mother, who is in heaven now. She chose the hard route of raising her children by herself with God’s help. There were times we didn’t know where the next meal was coming from. My loving mother would pray to the Almighty and go to the kitchen. There she would find only a few things left over from previous meals. She would pray, “ Oh God, I have to feed these children of mine. Please help me!” She must have been inspired to cook soup by using the things left over. As I look back on those moments I am sure God must have multiplied the food she found because we all eat until we were full. My mom would always see to it that we all ate first before she would eat. I know Jesus must have a special place for my mother in heaven. She doesn’t suffer any lack up there in heaven anymore, Praise Jesus Name!
" Fear Is A Thief "
It was these years of hardship that I received a poverty attitude. A poverty attitude is thinking that was learned at a young age. It was the, you can’t do that, who do you think you are, rich? You are too stupid to have anything of wealth. You are too dumb to go to college, and besides you can’t afford it. Don’t you know only rich people go to college? That spirit or attitude would stay with me until I was in my fifties. It took a long time to learn how to get it somewhat out of my system. I am still rooting it out of my system by renewing my mind to the Word of God. It’s compared to junk which gets into our drainage pipes and stops or slows the drain flow down. God wants to bless us according to our prayers, but He can’t because of our stinking thinking. I found out that it was my stinking thinking that kept me in poverty or limited income. I thought only my basic needs were the needs that my God would supply. My basic needs were the bear minimum in my mind. I didn’t know that I could set the level of my personal needs. I found out that God doesn’t care what level we set our needs at, because God is Able to provide it. Amen! Poverty for me was only in my thinking. I was afraid that I wouldn’t have enough to pay the rent. I was afraid I would have enough to pay the car payment, or even fill the car up with gas. I got to the place that I couldn’t sit down and make a monthly budget because I would get gripped with fear wondering how in the world I would come up with that kind of money. Although God would always meet all my needs each month, I would still be in fear the next month. The only way I could ease the fear was to work two or more jobs. One of the reasons I didn’t make it in the ministry for years was that I didn’t believe nor have confidence that He would provide my needs. As you can see, poverty was gripping my soul because of fear. I didn’t have a poverty problem as much as I had a fear problem. The Bible says in I John 4:18 that perfect Love cast out all fear. Perfect love is the mature love of Christ that teaches us that we can depend on God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ to supply all our needs because they love us more than we can love ourselves. God The Father is our mighty providers because of His Love for us. As I said all this fear started years ago as a child. We all wondered where the next meal would come from and how would we get water to drink. My mother wondered where and how she would feed all four children. In spite of all this I remember being happy. It must have been Jesus in my heart, because we didn’t know just how poor we were. Although we lacked the knowledge of the God kind of faith to overcome those circumstances, God the Father always seemed to come through for us just in time. I remember once when we were without food in the house we awoke the next morning to find two bags of groceries sitting on our front porch. We had no idea who put the groceries there. God did it through someone with a kind heart of love. Praise Jesus Name! Once in the middle of a cold winter we ran out of coal to burn. God inspired someone to send out a truckload of coal for us to keep warm with. God came through for us that day. The God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, our El-Shaddai, the one who is more than enough answered mama’s prayers. Praise be to Yahweh for His Mercy endures forever, Amen!

Hopeful Nadya

Blessed day to you ! Hope you're doing good Keep the fire burning for Jesus!

Hopeful Nadya

Remain blessed!

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God has given me a desire to bring out the fact of faith in all the patriarch Bible stories. In every bible story, there was the fact of faith that brought the victory to the children of GOD. When David met Goliath on the battlefield, it was the factor of | อื่นๆ

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