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James Bluford

Mercy Messenger|United States

Help YahShua (Jesus) Reap the end time harvest through singing , preaching, teaching, praying, writting, publishing the gospel of Grace and Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Seeing Redemption More Clearly



     I started receiving more and more revelation of God's Word when I was praying those scriptures daily. Each day I would say, "thank you Lord for opening the eyes of my understanding that I may be able to see the exceeding greatness of the hope that is in the Saints through the Lord Jesus." God the Holy Spirit started doing that very thing; it was revelation that no one else I knew was teaching. Now, after many years of struggling with it I realized that Jesus had given me a revelation that came from Him and not another man. I am 100% sure that this gospel of His Death, Burial, and Resurrection is the centerpiece of all that our heavenly Father did in all of creation. Revelations 13:8 says the Lamb of God was slain from the foundation of the world. That means that sin did not catch YahWeh God by surprise! Amen!

     I believe God planned everything to point to that very moment in Time. The cross, the death, burial, and resurrection of His only born Son was that moment. All throughout the ages God pointed people toward the Messiah. Since about 29 AD GOD the Holy Spirit has been pointing us back to the Cross. The Cross is where  Jesus fought and won Redemption's Battle with Satan. What Jesus won for us was the wonderful Salvation He promised. That is how we believers became more than a conqueror, by Jesus winning the fight of redemption. That Battle my friend was not a metaphoric battle between GOD and the Devil. That literal spiritual battle was fought in a realm that is far above our common understanding.

      Only with the Mind of Christ can we start understanding it. That is why we pray that the eyes of our under- standing would continually be enlightened more clearly. Jesus literally won the victory, and the Church gets all the spoils of that War. (Is. 53:10-12) Most people do not understand that if Satan could get YahWeh God to tell just one lie, GOD would cease being GOD. (WHY?) IF GOD ever lied, Satan would become His master, because Satan is the Father of Lies. Thank GOD, the Bible says that GOD IS NOT a man that He should Lie. Hallelujah! However, that explains why the devil sent soldiers down to try to kill baby Jesus. Had he killed baby Jesus, God's prophecies would have become a lie. God the Father could not allow that or anything else happen to Jesus. Jesus had come to earth knowing what He must accomplish. HIS very purpose was to die on our behalf and win the victory for us all. Hallelujah!

      As in I CO. 15:55-57 says, "O Death, where is your sting? (because we were in Him) O Hades, where is your Victory? (because we were born again and raised with Him) The sting of death is Sin, (sin was removed through His substitutionary death) and the Strength of sin is the Law. Jesus nailed the Law to the Cross according to Col. 2: 14. But Thanks Be to GOD Who gives us the Victory through our Lord Jesus Christ." Col. 2:13 You were once dead because of your failures and your uncircumcised corrupt nature. But God made you alive with Christ when he forgave all our failures. Col. 2:14, He did this by erasing the charges that were brought against us by the written laws God had established. He took the charges away by nailing them to the cross. Col. 2:15, He stripped the rulers and authorities of their power and made a public spectacle of them as he celebrated his victory in Christ. Jesus our Messiah was our substitute on the Cross, as the Lamb of GOD. As our Substitute, Jesus took our place. He took our sins and death; sicknesses, weaknesses, diseases, pains, sorrows, poverty, lack, and all punishment associated with the sin of Adam. (Romans 5:12-21, IS.53: 4-6)

      YahShua (JESUS) restored mankind to a rightful relationship with GOD the Father. Paul taught us that GOD reconciled us to Himself through the Death of His SON. (Romans 5:8-10) The Holy Father not only restored us, but He regenerated us according to Titus 3:5. God took us out of the generation of Adam (darkness) and put us into the generation of His dear SON, Jesus. (Light) GOD the Father washed us from all of sin's contamination through the death, burial, and resurrection. (Romans 6) May I say it in a simple way? IN CHRIST we went through His death, burial, and into Hades where He buried our sins forever. Then we were born again from spiritual dead, and were raised from the dead in and with CHRIST. (Eph.2:5-6) That my friend is what the song means when it says, "Jesus Paid It All, All To Him I Owe".

     I believe that death, burial, resurrection of Christ is the washing of regeneration. (Titus 3:5) I also believe it is the baptism of the Holy Spirit and fire we went through in Christ that cleansed us. (Matt.3:11, Mark 1:8) John the Baptist said, I indeed baptize you with water (physical baptism), but HE (Jesus) will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and Fire. (Fire was a method of refining, cleansing gold and silver) (I also believe that the burnt offerings  were prophetic for His redemption.) Then we were born again IN CHRIST, and raised from the dead (dead works) all in the Spirit Realm. We were made alive with Him, (Eph.2: 5-10) and raised from the dead in Him. 

      He made us ready to be Sealed and Filled with the Holy Spirit until the day of redemption. (Eph.1: 13, Act. 2:2-4) Let us look again to Acts 2:1-4. In verse 1 they were in the upper room in one accord. Verse 2 says a sound from Heaven came as a Rushing Mighty Wind. (or Breathe) The Breath of GOD blew into the upper room and filled the room. That was the new birth or baptism or immersion from above according to John 3:3,5-8) What Jesus said in John 3:8 sounds like what happen in Acts 2:2. The Holy Spirit indeed immersed them from above. They were born again from above by the power of the regenerating Holy Spirit. (Titus 3:5) Then in Verse 3 we see the divided tongues like as of fire, and it sat UPON each of them. I believe the fire on the day of Pentecost was a sign of the cleansing, purifying work of Redemption that had just taken place in the Baptism of the Spirit in the upper room. John said Jesus would baptize (immerse) with the Holy Spirit. Jesus said He would send the Holy Spirit when He ascended to the Father. On the day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit fell Upon them and worked in their hearts what Jesus had worked in His Death, Burial, and Resurrection. He totally re-birthed them, re-generated them, and translated them from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of God’s dear Son.

      The language of Titus 3:5 would not be legal if GOD were just speaking it Metaphorically. (only a figure of speech) GOD the Father had to be Legal in ALL the work of Redemption. Not one element of Redemption could be a lie or metaphorical. Therefore, what the Holy Spirit does in the Baptism of the Spirit is cleanse us, re-Birth us, Re-Store us, Re-Deem us, Re-Generate us, Sanctify us, Makes us Holy, Make us Righteous, Make us Alive with ZOE LIFE; All with the Breath of GOD. WOW!

     Then as in Acts 2: 4, we are ready, after all that, to be filled with the Holy Spirit. We are given a new prayer language that we can speak and continually being filled with HIS Spirit. This tongue is a new tongue (Mark 16:17) given to speak directly to GOD the Father the way Adam did in the Garden of Eden. (Restoration of man) Speaking in our new tongue gives us the opportunity to praise and magnify God the Father directly. Praying in this new tongue enables us to tap into our spirit man that is connected through the Holy Spirit to the Father and Jesus. After praying in our new tongue, the interpretation comes to our mind by faith through our spirit. While praying out of our spirit (belly) we fulfill the words of Jesus where He said, "out your bellies will flow rivers of living water". I believe every believer would be made stronger if they would pray in the spirit (new tongue) and the understanding for about 30 minutes a day. Let the Holy Spirit guide you into the truth of this teaching.

    The Gift of Tongues in II CO. 12:10 however is a Ministry Tongue and not necessarily a personal prayer tongue. If one is given a Ministry Tongue, it should always be followed by the interpretation of that Ministry Tongue so that the rest of the Church is edified, or built up. Seeking to interpret the Ministry Tongue is simply the LOVE of GOD in action, which is brought out in the next chapter. (The Love Chapter) It has always amuses me when denominations that do not speak in tongues come to the Love Chapter, which is planted between two chapters about tongues. We should all pray for the illumination of our spiritual mind. We need the Mind of Christ to understand what Jesus did in the work of redemption. When we seek to understand that Mighty Works of Redemption we will never be deceived by Satan.

     GOD the Father and Our Lord Jesus Christ love us, and Satan will not be able to convince us other wise. It is simply amazing what all Jesus went through to secure our Salvation, spirit, soul, and body. Shalom, May the Peace of YahShua Be Upon You All, Amen!
James the Mercy Messenger

I thank our God and Savior for your hungry hearts for the Word of God. Remember that they that hunger and thirst after righteousness will be filled. I pray that Jesus fill you with the fresh Anointing of the Holy Ghost. I pray that the eyes of your understanding be continually enlightened, made clear by the light of His Word. (Eph.1: 18)

Hopeful Nadya

Blessed day to you ! Hope you're doing good Keep the fire burning for Jesus!

Hopeful Nadya

Remain blessed!

Mercy Messenger โพสท์ลงในครอส.วอลแล้วDaughterOftheKing

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