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Ralph Chambers

ToPray|United States

Retired Sales elderly man who's concern of family, friends and country tend to PRAY-ers Journals.


With A Friend like You, “OUR” Father, who needs an enemy? We have no friend like Jesus, He's a friend beyond compare. We meet Him here at Your Throne of mercy where He waits for us |อื่นๆ


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Connected Oct 17, 2014

“OUR” Father, we are all “Hallowed” in Your presence “BE”ing named above all others for Your One and only “BE”loved son. “Christ=Ones” are created in Christ Jesus to do good, that works for us an exceeding weight of glory. You are perfect for us. You have perfected us to “BE” Your original creation. You are Heaven in these “earthsuits” with the faith that Jesus gives. His love covers a multitude of sins. We are connected to one another through His love. Let us love one another for that is who You are. Lead us not to “BE”infected with the enemies terrible tares, but deliver us from the evil one. Your Kingdom is greater in us than he who is in the world. It's “Glorious” to “BE” loved by You. You are always here for us!