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Robert Fallstam Ministries|Sweden

Global Grace International & Shalam Ministries International Church in Stockholm

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A great window of opportunity!

Oct 07, 2014

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We have a window of opportunity here to reach the most unreached and remote people groups in the world with the gospel of the Kingdom of God! Let us not be slack, asleep, or slumber! Let us mobilize our resources and fulfill the mandate that the Lord has charged us, the body of Christ, with! We must seize the opportunity and work while it is day! Night is coming when no man can work. 

Global Grace International partner and collaborate with local and native ministrers and ministries to reach the most unreached people groups in the world. Who are better equipped to take on the task than the natives already out there on the frontlines! With our partnership in the Lord Jesus Christ they will (together with us) be able to accomplish the task at hand. 



Global Grace International also partner and collaborate with other ministries and mission organizations around the world with a view to fulfill our mandate and run the race that is set before us! Mission Del Caribe 501c3 and Global Grace International have prayerfully and joyfully been led to minister together in a very blessed collaborative international ministry partnership. Together we will be enabled by the God of all grace to walk in all those things prepared before hand and do the works of Him that sent us! We preach the gospel of the Kingdom, teach the Word of God, and train disciples of the Kingdom. We reach out to the helpless and the homeless, the orphans and the widows. By the grace of God we will be the hands and feet of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!


Become a Kingdom supporting partner today!