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Cyril Jacob

Cyril Jacob|Pakistan

We received God's the best (Jesus Christ) and we are bond to give our the best in return to God.


Lamp Bible School is beginning it's 4th class on August 22, 2017, Tuesday, 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM. Please pray for provision of students for learning of the precious Word of God.


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Family Situation Jun 26, 2013 2 แสดงความคิดเห็น

Dear in Christ. I am Cyril Jacob and I want to request you kindly support me and my dear wife Shumiala in prayer for the following points. 1. Since our marriage, few people are behind us for breakage of holy covenant of marriage. Last week we went through a terrible attack which was settled only by the divine intervention of the Holy Father. 2. Since our marriage we both faced severe attacks and my wife is facing following troubles, i. She had severe headache in back side of her head, ii. Forehead and eyes had severe pain. iii. Abdominal parts (Womb etc) had pain and she says something has been done to stop the blessing of a son to us. 3. We are going through severe financial crises. Please pray compassionately for us and tell if, God revels (guides) anything for us. Looking forward for your compassionate support in prayer.