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Michael Richter


"Die Welt ist (ein) SEIN Dorf" - "The world is (a) HIS village"


Love and encouragement

To know that Jesus is available for us all – anytime and at any place – is a deep trust experience of every Christian.
To hear Jesus personally in specific situations – apart from of the bible yet in complete harmony and accordance with it – and to realize why HE acts how is at all times and again and again important for us, so we can get a better understanding of HIS actions, allowances and targets with us.

And: HE delights in talking to us as HE knows that the devil permanently tries to direct us false paths or to make us insecure.

Certainly almost every Christian knows situations in which he is confronted with the devil. To encourage those and confirm their standing in HIM as well as to confirm that he has chosen the one and only right way in this life (remark: otherwise the devil wouldn’t even bother to attack him !!) please find hereafter a collection of words and statements spoken by the Holy Spirit to HIS children (= our prayer group).

There are many more statements available which HE gave to individual members of the prayer group, however, the ones mentioned in the .pdf-file below can be adopted by every one of HIS children and be taken as true for every situation in life.

Full wording = Link from this site>> Jesus - left, below the picture

michael_richter โพสท์ลงในครอส.วอลแล้วramah1

smile again!!

Happy Birth day to you!!!!!!!


"Die Welt IST (ein) SEIN Dorf" - "Die Welt ist (a) sein Dorf". Amen

United Christian Gospel Church Ministry

we visit many villages where people are disturbed by the flood and they are living hand to mouth and in some villages many people has died because they can't swim and some dies due to falling of roofs, it is raining continuely and flood is becoming more swear now it is time to show the love of God


"Thus saith the LORD" - A collection of HIS personal supporting words in a prayer group >> http://www.marketing-und-vertrieb-international.com/en/jesus/jesus-speaks.pdf


"Jesus spricht persönlich" - eine Sammlung SEINER Hilfe in einem Hauskreis >> http://www.marketing-und-vertrieb-international.com/jesus/christus-spricht.pdf


I wish all brothers and sisters and all visitors and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, It's good to know that HE is with each of us - and this at every moment of our life - until we meet at HIS feet.


Dear Mr.Michael ...how are you?...I will send you a friend request on facebook..ok PLEASE ACCEPT IT


Helo Dear Michael Richter..how are you? How is your health? Sorry for not able to contact you for so long.....praying for you..do you have facebook account please?

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Unser ist der Sieg


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