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Where We Live, It seems the Lord is exalted


Lord Jesus, I pray that You will capture our minds and draw our hearts to future events. May we with child-like anticipation keep our attention drawn to the eternal truths of Your Word. And |อื่นๆ


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Thank you for your visit to our blog. We hope, with the love of Christ you can help us with advice, prayers and funds for the progress of our service. Finally, the Lord Jesus Christ will improve the cooperation of us, to the glory of the Lord. Imanuel.

Regards Sincerely,
Pastor Ronald Onibala



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Единая Святая Соборная Апостольская Церковь

I want you to come to the summer of God. Invite me. to visit. Apostle Baaz

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GBI Gracia Taman Harapan Baru Bekasi

GBI Gracia Taman Harapan Baru Bekasi

Motto : Love, Blessing & Anointing


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